"The Boiler and The Combustion Experts"

Management Profile

Every company’s energy dilemma seem always to be   -

“How far are we from our Optimal Energy level ? ”

“How much can we really improve within the set of restrictions we currently have ? ”

“What will be the real payback of the investment to be made ? ”

Not easy questions to answer. Om Greentech Industries can assist your company in realistically addressing the energy saving actions that will have the greatest “bang-for the buck” in your operations.

Companies can rely on the in-depth experience that Om Greentech Industries team has. To audit their current boiler operations and to properly diagnose and find optimal solution options.

Every Boiler system is unique and expert opinion is a hard task to find when you are “burning money”, proper system diagnosis requires the expertise of those who “have been there and have fix it right”.

  • Mission :- Solving customers problem to reach Optimal Energy Levels and Costings .
  • Vision :- Innovate to change the rules of the Fuel & Power Industry.

Amol Laddha

“A Visionary Leader and An Entrepreneur”

Chaitali Gosavi

“The Operations & Logistics Expert “

Jainendra Hemnani

“The Finance Guy”

Tayyab Khan

“The Sales Expert”

Vaibhav V

“The Boiler & Combustion Expert”

Suraj P

“The COAL guy”

Shankar G

“The Biomass Expert”